• Second Mortgage Loan

    Florida Second Mortgage Loans

    Second Mortgage Loans are more often than not used to help homeowners who may experience a sudden need for cash get the money they need. Because a second mortgage loan allows you the potential to pull more equity (cash) from your home than a typical first mortgage, it is a great way to fund emergency situations that may arise.

    Florida 2nd Mortgage Loans
    We understand that these situations are usually time sensitive. That’s why we make the process of getting a second mortgage loan fast, and more importantly we take the worry out of the loan all together.

    Most second mortgage loans are amortized over a five to fifteen year period and can either be of a fixed or variable rate. We will advise you of different loan scenarios that allow you to choose the option that best suits you and your individual financing needs.
    With advertised interest rates varying from lender to lender it can sometimes be difficult to make a really informed decision about who to go with simply by their advertised rates. We know that you have seen the advertisements offering mortgage loans as low as two percent, but it isn’t until you read the fine print that you see these rates are only good for one year with a “balance due” balloon payment at the end of that year.
    You would have to end up refinancing that loan on the twelth month to avoid owing that balloon payment. The lender would than recharge you additional fee’s to initiate another loan. This is a sign of a predatory lender.
    We pledge that you will never find this kind of “predatory lending” with us. Our very straight forward and honest way of doing business is based on our integrity as a company to provide home mortgage loans to the residents of Florida with excellent customer service and support.

    Orlando Real Estate Agents look forward to being your second mortgage loan provider

  • Debt Consolidation

    Florida Debt Consolidation Loans

    With the average American carrying at least three thousand dollars in high interest credit card debt it is no wonder that we receive more requests for debt consolidation loans than any other. With a family the average can sometimes reach over eight thousand dollars!
    Debt Consolidation Loans in Florida
    With credit card interest rates as high as twenty-seven percent it’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever to get caught up. Minimum payments only allow you to pay a small portion of your balance off with the rest going straight to interest. This isn’t even taking into account car loans, personal loans, old student loans, hospital bills, emergency car repairs, or any number of debts that can sneak up on you at anytime.

    Below is a graph of a recent debt consolidation loan
    As you can see we really saved them a lot of money

    Loan Type Payment Balance Interest Rate Monthly
    Auto Loan $28000 17.5% $703.42
    Visa Card
    $3,500 27% $89.30
    MasterCard $4,500 18% $86.49
    Discover Card $7,836 12.5% $96.59
    Student Loans $27,000 4% $283.49
    Current Home Loan $235,672 8.75% $1,854.03
    Totals $298,672 $2,987.54

    As you can see the monthly payment this client was paying was $2,987.54 per month with a total debt balance of $298,672. The Visa would have taken them 96 months, the Mastercard 120 months, and the Discover 180 months to payoff paying the minimum payments every month.
    Now here is the current payment they are making after a debt consolidation loan and pulling over fifty thousand dollars cash out.

    Loan Type Payment Balance Interest Rate Monthly

    Cash out $51,328 0.00%
    Total new loan $350,000 5.25% $1,932.72
    Total Savings $1,054.81

    With our debt consolidation loan they not only paid off their current auto loan and eliminated all of their credit card debt, but they even pulled out over fifty-thousand dollars in cash. Best of all they are paying over one-thousand dollars less per month and they have no other monthly debt!

    We can help you to free yourself of the debt that weighs you down every month. We know we can save money you money. If you want to see how much you could save, it’s free, easy, and takes only one minute!

  • Home Improvement

    Florida Home Improvement Loans

    Are you currently looking to do some home renovations? Home improvements are a great way to enhance your quality of life as well as add equity, or value, to your home. We offer some of the best rates and service on home improvement loans throughout Florida and we fund our loans fast so that you get the money that you need.

    Florida Home Improvement
    Build It or Contract It
    Our home improvement loans enable you to add an additional bedroom, make beautiful kitchen renovations, even construct a swimming pool.

    Florida Home Construction
    We are more than just home improvement loans. We also offer home construction loans throughout Florida. If you are looking to build your dream home and need the financing to make it happen let us be the ones to make your dream home a reality all backed by our low rates and excellent service.

    We can preapprove your loan so that you have a budget to work with when looking to make improvements or construction plans. You can than make the most informed decisions when choosing a contractor for your project. It will also be more affective for you when you take bids on the work.
    To find out the difference in service and rates that is Florida Home Mortgage Loans please fill out our free no obligation quote form today.

  • Home Equity

    Florida Home Equity Loans

    The property values in Florida have sky rocketed. In just the past year alone, median home values have increased from $165,000 to the current value of just over $212,000. With increased property values comes increased equity, or cash, available to you through a home equity loan.

    Equity Loans are great ways to make large purchases, payoff debts, or make home improvements. For example, you can take a five year equity loan to buy a car. In most cases you will pay much less interest than you would with the dealer and because it is a home loan the interest you do pay could very well be tax deductible.

    A home equity line of credit, or “HELOC”, is the most preferred loan when making home improvements. It works just like a credit card, with your payment in direct correlation to the amount of money you spend, HELOC’s can help to keep improvement costs down.

    Thankfully HELOC’s have several big advantages over credit cards
    Lower Interest Rates…
    Home equity lines of credit have lower interest rates than just about any credit card available. This means less interest being paid, which means more money paying off the balance and staying with you every month.

    Tax Deductible…
    Because it is a home loan the interest you pay may be tax deductible. Making the equity almost pay for itself over the course of the loan term.

    Builds Equity…
    As you make additions to your home it’s value increases. For example, it is said the addition of a swimming pool will add half of its cost immediately to your homes equity with the remainder amortized over the next few year.

    As you can see home equity loans are very versatile. Many of our clients have used them to take a vacation, put their kids through college, and like mentioned before, purchase new cars and make home improvements.
    We strive to provide the best rates and service on all of our home equity loans. Whether you are looking for a single lump sum or a home equity line of credit, let us prove to you why we are your Florida Mortgage Lender.

  • Blog

    Florida Home Loans

    Home ownership is the dream of every American. There is a great sense of pride associated with coming back to your own home after a hard day of work and relaxing in something that is yours. That is why we customize our loans to your individual needs.

    Home Loans

    We know that everyone and every situation is different. Whether you are looking for a 100% financing, a low down payment, lowest monthly payment, or a custom loan, let the benefit of our years of experience can offer you. We have just the home purchase loan for you.

    The Mortgage Lender You Can Trust…
    Home Mortgage Loans
    Because we are one of the largest online lenders serving the state of Florida today, we can offer you rates and service that smaller mortgage brokers just cant offer. Our employees work very hard day in and day out to be the Florida Mortgage Company you can believe in and trust.
    We offer a simple and easy to use loan application that only takes a minute to complete. There is never a fee to apply, nor is there ever an obligation. Let us provide you with a free quote today, and show you the benefit from letting us be your mortgage company.

  • Blog

    Florida Refinance Loans

    When it comes time to refinance your mortgage you may have a lot of questions and concerns. How do I know I am getting the best possible rate? How long will the process take? This is where we come in with quick, decisive, and friendly answers to all of your refinance loan questions.

    What options do we offer you?
    Refinance Loan
    Our mortgages allow you unlimited financing and lending options. For example, we can offer you loans with no out of pocket closing costs, low interest rates, and the best customer service of any other broker online today. We make refinancing your mortgage simple and easy.
    Because rates are at an all time low now is the perfect time to lower your payments, take cash out, and even payoff debt.

    What if I have excellent credit?
    By matching today’s low rates with Florida Home Mortgage Loans ability to customize the loan to your individual needs, you could in fact pull cash out of your homes equity, with no out of pocket costs, and still lower your current monthly mortgage payments. In fact this is where we shine.

    What if I have bad credit?
    We all have had problems every now and again, but don’t think that bad credit can stop you from refinancing your mortgage. We have provided financial solutions to borrowers just like you who were looking for a way to rebuild their credit, pay off high interest credit card debt, and just get ahead. If you are still worried about credit, don’t be, we work with FICO scores as low 480! We even help people refinance their mortgages just six months after a bankruptcy. We know we can help you as well.

    Along with lowering your monthly payments, consolidating high interest debt, and even making home improvements you can use your equity to take cash out. You can buy a new car, take a much needed vacation, even put your children through college and because this is a home loan, the interest may be tax deductible.
    Refinance Loans

    As you can see there is more than just one reason to refinance your home mortgage and make us the mortgage company you can trust.