• Second Mortgage Loan

    Florida Second Mortgage Loans

    Second Mortgage Loans are more often than not used to help homeowners who may experience a sudden need for cash get the money they need. Because a second mortgage loan allows you the potential to pull more equity (cash) from your home than a typical first mortgage, it is a great way to fund emergency situations that may arise.

    Florida 2nd Mortgage Loans
    We understand that these situations are usually time sensitive. That’s why we make the process of getting a second mortgage loan fast, and more importantly we take the worry out of the loan all together.

    Most second mortgage loans are amortized over a five to fifteen year period and can either be of a fixed or variable rate. We will advise you of different loan scenarios that allow you to choose the option that best suits you and your individual financing needs.
    With advertised interest rates varying from lender to lender it can sometimes be difficult to make a really informed decision about who to go with simply by their advertised rates. We know that you have seen the advertisements offering mortgage loans as low as two percent, but it isn’t until you read the fine print that you see these rates are only good for one year with a “balance due” balloon payment at the end of that year.
    You would have to end up refinancing that loan on the twelth month to avoid owing that balloon payment. The lender would than recharge you additional fee’s to initiate another loan. This is a sign of a predatory lender.
    We pledge that you will never find this kind of “predatory lending” with us. Our very straight forward and honest way of doing business is based on our integrity as a company to provide home mortgage loans to the residents of Florida with excellent customer service and support.

    Orlando Real Estate Agents look forward to being your second mortgage loan provider