Debt Consolidation

Florida Debt Consolidation Loans

With the average American carrying at least three thousand dollars in high interest credit card debt it is no wonder that we receive more requests for debt consolidation loans than any other. With a family the average can sometimes reach over eight thousand dollars!
Debt Consolidation Loans in Florida
With credit card interest rates as high as twenty-seven percent it’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever to get caught up. Minimum payments only allow you to pay a small portion of your balance off with the rest going straight to interest. This isn’t even taking into account car loans, personal loans, old student loans, hospital bills, emergency car repairs, or any number of debts that can sneak up on you at anytime.

Below is a graph of a recent debt consolidation loan
As you can see we really saved them a lot of money

Loan Type Payment Balance Interest Rate Monthly
Auto Loan $28000 17.5% $703.42
Visa Card
$3,500 27% $89.30
MasterCard $4,500 18% $86.49
Discover Card $7,836 12.5% $96.59
Student Loans $27,000 4% $283.49
Current Home Loan $235,672 8.75% $1,854.03
Totals $298,672 $2,987.54

As you can see the monthly payment this client was paying was $2,987.54 per month with a total debt balance of $298,672. The Visa would have taken them 96 months, the Mastercard 120 months, and the Discover 180 months to payoff paying the minimum payments every month.
Now here is the current payment they are making after a debt consolidation loan and pulling over fifty thousand dollars cash out.

Loan Type Payment Balance Interest Rate Monthly

Cash out $51,328 0.00%
Total new loan $350,000 5.25% $1,932.72
Total Savings $1,054.81

With our debt consolidation loan they not only paid off their current auto loan and eliminated all of their credit card debt, but they even pulled out over fifty-thousand dollars in cash. Best of all they are paying over one-thousand dollars less per month and they have no other monthly debt!

We can help you to free yourself of the debt that weighs you down every month. We know we can save money you money. If you want to see how much you could save, it’s free, easy, and takes only one minute!